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Join me on Patreon 

I’m Maggie Pope - I used to be a biologist 🌱🌊 Now I write songs and sing and share it all with people which sometimes feels weird. But it fills my soul right up, and there are some folks who seem to really enjoy the fruit of this turn of events so I will continue on the path of sharing my songs. 

My friend Eryn said that my songwriting is "poignant. It's an invitation to reflect. It's nostalgia for a place you've never been. A whisper of a memory you wish you hadn't forgotten". I was so grateful for this because she said it to me right after someone else called my songs "cute". Everyone should have a friend like Eryn. 

So... Patreon. This is where the messy stuff happens. The beautiful stuff. The creative process combined with community and love and beautiful people.   

It's the place where I share song babies, thoughts, videos, and other sometimes vulnerable creative stuff with the people who really want to see me continue on this path of creating music.

These are all the Eryns. The Doms, the Sharons. (if you know anything about my musical journey, you probably know these names). My gratitude for these beautiful souls is unending.

Maybe you're one of us. Maybe you’ll join us. If this is not your thing (did I just hear you call one of my songs 'cute'?!), please at least know that any of my official tunes or videos that end up out there in the world up on Spotify or Youtube… only happened because of the support - emotional and financial - from this community right here.

So please, if you like my music, give these folks a nod and throw ‘em some gratitude because Maggie Pope music doesn't happen without 'em. This is the support that makes it possible for me to continue creating. This community right here.

I would love it if you could join us here on Patreon - we are a very nice crowd with zero family drama and sometimes we all wear hats together as a show of solidarity at concerts.




Patreon is a crowd-funding platform that allows creators to have the ability to offer their best work to the world in a financially sustainable way.

Here's the quick summary:

  1. You choose a support tier for your favorite artist(s).

  2. Every month, Patreon collects the funds patrons have pledged and, after deducting a small percentage for processing and other fees, delivers the funds directly to the artists. This is done on an automated basis via your chosen payment method at checkout (credit card or PayPal)

  3. Patrons may cancel at any time.

  4. Patrons have access to exclusive offerings and products from the artist that are not available to the public.

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