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your story...

Your song.

Give an unforgettable, timeless, and truly magical gift. Whether it's a wedding, anniversary, Mother's Day, graduation, or just because... a custom song is a powerful, emotional, and unique gift that blends original music with poetic lyrics written for your story.


It's wrapped in emotion, not a bow. Held forever in the heart, not on a shelf.


"I just played the song you wrote for my husband and me, and it's incredible and perfect and beautiful! Thank you so, so, so much!!! You captured it all so beautifully!!!" 

Custom Song Examples

On A Beach In LBI - for Mike from Colleen
Wrapped Up In You - for Gregory from Robin
Full Moon Of Japan - for Cher from Tori
Flowers All In Bloom - for Kristen's Mother

how it works

1.  You reserve your song using the "Start Your Song" button below. You’ll then receive a follow up email from me with a deposit request, some additional information, and a link to my booking calendar to schedule our song consultation.


2. We chat! We zoom hang! This is our song consultation and gives me an opportunity to get to know your story and the heart of what will become your song. It's a casual, fun interview where we talk beautiful things and beautiful people.


3. I write. I pull some love and melody and poetry out of the ether and this is where YOUR SONG is born. I touch base a bit throughout the process for some lyric approval, and I'll play a rough draft of your song to you live over zoom. Once I have your final approval... 


3. Your song will be professionally recorded and then edited, mixed, and mastered to radio-quality standards.


4. A digital copy (mp3 file) of your song will be delivered via email, along with handwritten lyrics and a hard copy CD mailed to you if you would like one. If you choose to add any of the additional options like a live performance of your song at your wedding or a slide show music video, we will make arrangements for all of that as well!


5. Step five is happy tears. Big Love. Who just gave the most perfect and heartfelt gift? YOU DID. You transformed a piece of your heart into magic and melody that will now live forever in the heart of the person you love.




You may request and receive a full refund at any time up until the step where I begin the recording process if you decide this is not a good fit for what you're looking for.


This means that we would have the initial consultation, I would write your song, you would get to hear the song I crafted for you played live by me over zoom, and you would then have 2 revision opportunities before I begin recording. If you don't like your song by this point (I think you will! ✨), you may ask for and receive a full refund. Once I receive your approval on the song and begin the recording process, I will be unable to offer a refund.

It's very important to me that you are not only happy with your song, but also feel comfortable and confident throughout the process! 


From the song consultation to final delivery of your song, the process usually takes between 2-4 weeks. Sometimes it’s quicker, but booking 4 weeks prior to your special occasion is ideal!


✨ The financial investment for each custom song is currently $1800 in total. After reserving a song via the “Start Your Song” form on my website, you will receive an email with a deposit request for $900. The remaining balance will be invoiced and due after I receive your approval on the song during the song reveal session. Once your project is paid for in full, I then begin the recording process of your song!


As the composer and author of the original works being created, I retain 100% of the copyright and song ownership, which includes all performance rights, sound recordings, and creative content. The song recording I will deliver to you is yours to treasure forever and to share with friends and family. 


Though I particularly enjoy writing songs that tip (way) over to the emotional and sentimental side, if you think my sound and writing style (see examples above!) would be a good fit for a custom song for your business or non-profit, let's talk! Please email me at and include "business custom song" in the subject line.

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